Our programs - Radiology (Photo 1)

Our radiology team has been introducing and encouraging improved gyneacological imaging (endovaginal ultrasound approach) and teaching sterilization and disinfection techniques for a number of years now.

New and well-functioning used ultrasound machines have been donated to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) and rural hospitals. Training has been conducted when these donations have been made to ensure the potential benefits of the equipment are realized and the equipment is well maintained.

Current and future activities in this area include:

  1. Providing basic ultrasound instruction to medical officers
    • Fetal assessment / Fetal lie
    • Evaluation of amniotic fluid volume
    • Placental position
    • Fetal activity
    • Cervix
  2. Providing more sophisticated instruction for radiology residents
    • Obstetrical imaging
    • Gynecological imagine
    • Other
  3. Supporting interaction between OBGYN and Radiology professionals
  4. Taking basic ultrasound to villages