Research Update – Pregnancy and Diabetes

Congratulations to the Kenyan pregnancy and diabetes cohort, who have received a portion of MRC funding. The full three-year grant, of £800,000,  was awarded to Dr. Ponnusamy Saravanan at Warwick Medical School in the UK in 2012, for research in gestational diabetes prevention. The funds will also go toward connecting Dr. Saravanan’s efforts in the UK with work in India and Africa. Dr. Saravanan works with Dr. Mohan, who has an extensive diabetes program in India; in understanding South Asian diabetes he hopes to uncover new disease pathways and treatment/prevention strategies.

1/3 of the funding will come to Kenya to fund research in pregnancy complications. Drs. Koskei (the first Moi resident to complete an elective with AMPATH in Toronto) and Pallavi will be working from the Kenyan side.

Well done! This all happens in conjunction with AMPATH-UofT’s maternal and fetal medicine plans, in particular with enhancing the excellence in care program for women in pregnancy.


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